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Aunt Gracie's by Hannah Jones

tobacco fields stink

worse than collards

greenish brown


windows down


muggy breeze

fingers reaching out to touch

nearly touch

the cotton balls

as they fluff by


            because if you touch

            perhaps you will know

            what your foremothers knew

            ages ago


down in the Cackalacky

the dirt road


rickety, creaks


with the grease of fried chicken

in spotted napkins


and thighs, sweaty

sticking to hot leather


two angry sisters in the backseat

lips smarting from the pinch

of reprove

and stewing from the heat


cold tomato slices

say Goodbye


and every 200 miles

you might stop

at a tiny gas station

where there’s a single attendant

and your father



and emerges

Hannah Jones is a child clinical psychologist from the San Francisco Bay by way of Virginia. Dr. Jones also leads social justice oriented didactics. She has always used written word as an outlet to integrate her academic and artistic identities. Dr. Jones writes to articulate silenced hopes, dreams, anxieties, fears, and experiences. Her work has been featured by Split This Rock and My Whisper Roars and is published in TAYO Literary Magazine.

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