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A Night Thought Can't Sleep by Sarah Stern

It stands up and

takes you on the bus.


Blue jay feather in grass—

summer in City Island.


The drawbridge.

Fishing off the side


and the kids running back

and forth. What d’yah catch?


Orchard Beach,

two women dance


on Saturday afternoon.

Tattooed boys look on.


Mother says keep

writing. It’s what you have.


Give me the words that

grind us into meaning like


those two on the plaza:

forgiveness and wild gesture.

Sarah Stern is the author of But Today Is Different and Another Word for Love. Her poems have recently appeared in The American Dream, The Man Who Ate His Book: The Best of Ducts.org, Epiphany, Freefall, New Verse News, Verse Daily and What Rough Beast. She is a five-time winner of the Bronx Council on the Arts' BRIO Poetry Award. Learn more at www.sarahstern.me

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