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Night Snow by Rhett Watts

 Longer boats are coming to win us,

                       they're coming to win us...

                                                                         --Cat Stevens



Shadows of trees spread over the snowfield

            rock in wind like docked gondolas

awaiting their night passengers.


Clouds stretch across the sky

            like the ruffled spindles jellyfish trail

pulsing through the slow sea.


Blue silhouettes on white snow, the reverse

            of foam frosting indigo waves

and the moon's bright bone against the dark.


Rhett Watts has poems in journals, including The Worcester Review, Spoon River Poetry Review, poetrymagazine.com, and The Best Spiritual Writing 2000. She also won the CT Poetry Prize. Her chapbook, No Innocent Eye, was co-winner of the Rane Arroyo Contest, and her book of poems is Willing Suspension (Antrim House, 2013). Rhett facilitates Amherst Writers & Artist workshops in CT and MA. 

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