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Winter by Carlie Hoffman

When my sisters can’t scrub the oil

from the sick gull’s feathers, they clip


its wings, untie the cord that binds

the slow sheet of its body


and plant it into a wooden box

drilled with tiny holes. It is my turn


to bring the diseased bird

to the breeder across the bank:


his medicine knives, his hut occupied

with feeders and soap. But because I am


youngest, because a hunter’s moon

is how I locate heaven, I take the gull


down the wharf, kneel in an untouched

tract of snow, and quiet its skull with rock.

Carlie Hoffman is a recipient of a 2016 92Y/Discovery Poetry Prize. Her poems appear or are forthcoming in New England Review, Bennington Review, Boston Review, Narrative, Nashville Review and elsewhere. She is from New Jersey.

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