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Scenario 1, Exercise 1 by Megan McHugh

Scenario 1                         Exercise 1


I didn’t expect                   I will stop thanking men

you                                    who marvel at my intelligence.

to be so smart,

he said.

And I smiled                     I will stop thanking men

and laughed                     who marvel at my intelligence.


and went home                

alone                                 I will stop thanking men

to the mirror                     who marvel at my intelligence.

who said        

what the actual

fuck, woman.                    I will stop thanking men—

Megan McHugh is a Boston-based writer, traveler, marketer, and teacher who is slowly making Miami a second home. She is passionate about fundraising, mentoring community college students, and vegan food-touring. Most mornings, she dances alone in her kitchen before leaving the house. Her poems appear in unorganized Google docs and iPhone notes. If you dig, you’ll also find them in the Long River Review, The City Quill, Hidden Oak Poetry Journal, and Instagram at @meganmxhugh.

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