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My father has never made an effort to memorize how my name is spelled by Elisabeth Blair

I gave up all, went into the wildlands.          


I was last seen on the peninsula.


I was caught in a storm, cast adrift.


I and my ships waited in a cave.                                


I became lost in the clouds.


I disappeared during a descent.


There is some evidence my disappearance was voluntary.    


I left hints.                             


I was depressed, walked out with just 30 dollars.                 


I bought a book.                     


I got on a train.          


I went down into a sewage canal.                 


I was presumed to have drowned, but I may have survived.            


Several women came forth saying they suspected they might be me.


I was found at last, abandoned, partially submerged, listing heavily.

They tested me and found incontrovertible proof:


no one is related to me.

Elisabeth Blair is a poet, interdisciplinary artist, and feminist podcaster. Her poetry has most recently appeared in Ovenbird and Right Hand Pointing, and is forthcoming in Feminist Studies, cream city review, and S/tick. Her chapbook, We He She/It, is available through Dancing Girl Press. See www.elisabethblair.net.

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