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Green Light

The light was red     but I said it was green
because I wanted to see the alternate universe
where I was dizzy and starred     I wanted sirens
to scream for me     my mother drove off     stopped
said shit     said we could have been killed     said
what the hell is wrong with you     I am kaleidoscopic
broken light but beautiful     I started the engine
in the garage     with all the doors closed
I am unsure if it was an accident     I was fading
as particles     in parts of cosmos I can’t see
I was coughing up planets     for three hours
I was telling my mother     I love you     forgive me
I was tilted     I was spinning the wrong way

Samantha Fain lives in Connersville, Indiana. She is an undergraduate student studying psychology and creative writing with a minor in Spanish at Franklin College. Her work has previously appeared in The Indianapolis Review, all the sins, and Awkward Mermaid. In her free time, she goes to concerts and makes puns. She can be found oversharing about her personal life on Twitter at @samcanliftacar.

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