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Humpbacks by Anne Marie Macari

We’re small now, small

as fish in our tiny school,


kayaking toward booming

spouts, flukes


and shadow-backs

breaking the glassy sea—


All around we see, hear,

whale, and drift, reckless


to encounter them rising,

ethereal tons



the surface—the sea


a nether-world I dream into

but can’t know, where


a fin rises

like a black door


then disappears—


I’ve come here to be lost

in the blue center, rocking


on the brink of wet

darkness, the sea


swelling with beings, two

miles out, waves


picking up

Anne Marie Macari is the author of four books of poems, most recently, Red Deer (Persea, 2015). Her poems and essays have appeared in many magazines, including American Poetry Review, FIELD, and The Iowa Review.

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