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Lord, Help Me Be Like The Knitters by Amy Baskin


There is as much of a chance that the world will end today as there
ever has been and god knows that Shiva's wheel of destruction is
spinning full bore right now.

But that doesn't stop the six ladies at the next table from holding
their two-hour knitting circle this morning at this cafe, rain or

All threats and possible endings and Armageddon aside, they actually
called in to book the largest table in the coffee house in advance.

This is the bravest act I am aware of today. They have their steady
gig, their weekly commitment to attendance.

This is how to give zero fucks. Readers sliding down the bridges of
each nose. The occasional smart-ass crack, the furious clack of
needles, the skeins of brightly dyed wool.

When one falls and rolls across the floor, another calmly leans
down to pick up.


Amy Baskin's work is currently featured in journals including armarolla, Friends Journal, Ink&Nebula, and Every Pigeon. She is a 2016 Willamette Writers Kay Snow Poetry Award recipient for her poem “About Face.” She has participated in generative groups with Megan Merchant, Allison Joseph, Paulann Petersen, and Jenn Givhan. She also works to help international students feel welcome and at home during their time at Lewis & Clark College. Follow her on Twitter @AmyBaskin or on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AmyBaskinWrites/.


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