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Phantoms by Emma Scott Schaeffer

this is not a ritual

I usually engage

in—water that steams


to the ceiling, coarse

grains of salt sprinkled in,

followed by a sinking


down, sudden warmth

in deep parts of my bones.

horizontal, I can examine


the small disasters

of my body, wavering

as if through mottled


glass—a thin cut along

the V of my hip, as if

someone tried


to outline it, pink

rope-burn dashed over

my shoulder, a wide bruise


fading to gray behind

my knee—I love them all,

these ghosts of motion.

Emma Scott Schaeffer is a teacher and poet based in New York City. She earned her B.A. in English at Vassar College, and is currently finishing a Masters in Special Education at Hunter College. Her most recent publication credits include The New Haven Review, Pioneertown, and Racked.com, and she has poems forthcoming in Maudlin House and Rise Up Review. 

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