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Down Up Down by Kate Bernadette Benedict

The underplaces, that element—

interminable downpull,

gravid with the ever-cleaving egg,

sluggishly tugging,

egg of gravity itself.

A natural law it may be

but I have wearied of it.


Let there be wings for once.

Let there be lift-off.

A whirlybird above the spires

or a marvelous goose,

cirrus below

and then—




Light being

in a currency of light beings,


among quanta—

wavery of—



But it’s not my place, is it?

Let there be downpull.

Siphon me home to Earth.

Kate Bernadette Benedict, of Riverdale, New York, is the author of Earthly Use: New and Selected Poems, published in 2015. Her previous collections were Here From Away and In Company. Kate edited the erstwhile poetry journals Umbrella and Tilt-a-Whirl; the archives remain online and are linked from her home page at www.katebenedict.com.

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