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The Eye Is Collapsing

rain unpeels from wheels or treads

ominous pause before wind begins


tell me, how could love be any different

bodily love at some precipice


when the holding is stronger

than the flourish of release


            outside, the wind over and over shows

            the pale undersides of maple leaves


the release, not the holding means

but this is a palpable bonding that refuses to fuse


separation is a more conscious choice

first one, then the other loses interest


            venerable maple trunk squeezed by rain shined ivy vines

            downed limbs cracked, softened nearly to pulp


features praised now fade

the freckle on the stretched neck


that wanted kissing and was kissed

now assimilates in a night wash


            even the ivy lets go

            its whisker claws unclench the bark


even the nodes pinched

into life a moment ago


do not shine out

possible to see morning’s blurred blue


            the electricity does not thrum

            the clocks have nothing to say

LB Thompson's poetry has won national awards from The Mrs. Giles Whiting Foundation and the Rona Jaffe Foundation and has appeared in The New Yorker and other literary journals. Her collaborative work with artist Ellen Wiener has been exhibited in New York and at Vanderbilt University. LB teaches at Suffolk County Community College and The New School/Parsons in New York City. She lives with her wife and book collection in Greenport, NY. 


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