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The Art of Instinct by Elizabeth Jacobson

Although everything always has everything to do with sex,


each time, this one thing


has more to do with the sway of tree shadows


contained in rectangle boxes of light -- 


reflections of the windows, yielding from the windows,


caught in a breeze on the white plaster walls of the room,


and although it is often true the male of a species


has the more colorful markings, here I am the brightest one


against the white sheets


back arching,


a rising whale throwing its form from the sea


turning rose, then scarlet, then peony -- light spreading across our



and the marvelous ability to be held by instinct.

Elizabeth Jacobson is the author of a chapbook, A Brown Stone (Dancing Girl Press), and a full-length collection, Her Knees Pulled In (Tres Chicas Books). Another chapbook, Are the Children Make Believe?, is forthcoming from Dancing Girl Press. Recent poems have appeared in American Poetry Review, Orion Magazine, Ploughshares, and Plume. A graduate of Columbia University’s MFA program, Jacobson is the founding director of WingSpan Poetry Project.

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