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Ode with a Kevlar Vest .30-.06 by Nicole Santalucia

Silence snaps in the wind

next to a Confederate flag

on the back of a pickup truck.


On a Sunday afternoon, silence

carves into a farmer’s throat.

It grows behind the chicken coup.


Silence is on Post Road across the street

from jail. It shuffles across cement floors

in sandals and white socks, sits under

a pill in a paper cup.


Drug addicts overdose on silence

behind the warehouse near Exit 52.

Silence is a needle mark between toes.

It is the dirt under my fingernails.


Exhaust pipes and horses choke

on silence. Engines and people

and guns tried to sink silence

in the Susquehanna River,

but silence shot back and started war.

Nicole Santalucia is the author of Because I Did Not Die (Bordighera Press). She is a recipient of the Ruby Irene Poetry Chapbook Prize and the Edna St. Vincent Millay Poetry Prize. She teaches at Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania and brings poetry workshops into the Cumberland County Prison, Shippensburg Public Library, the Boys & Girls Club, and local nursing homes. 

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