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There Will Be No Thunderstorms Tomorrow by Maggie Blake Bailey

    For the first time since early in the morning on February 11, no

     thunderstorms are predicted anywhere in the United States

     tomorrow. ~The Vane 10/16/14



Because we are slow to believe our good fortune,

there will be no picnics, no swim meets,

no dancing in raincoats made of tinfoil and bottle caps.


Instead we will turn to each other, only now

realizing who sits at our table,


and say, I didn’t know, because we cannot say,

Did you see that storm today?


Because we cannot touch each other, even lightly,

in passing.  There is no release without payment,

and payment is measured in damage.


I will not hear you talk in your sleep

and you will not brace your sodden body to mine.


No power will go out, no dogs will shake in the corners

as we light candle stubs with long matches.


Instead I will wake late, convinced

it is a different tomorrow, one threaded with salt

and metal brought in over the Atlantic,


I will open our windows to a sky that is blue and blue

and purple, the color of the child inside

of me, breathing water.


I will name my body fore and aft and rolling.

There will be no fog warnings, buoys stuttering

like mouths without tongues, dumb in the sunshine.


For the first time we are radar with nothing to see.

Maggie Blake Bailey has poems published or forthcoming in The San Pedro River Review, Tar River, Tinderbox, and elsewhere. Her chapbook, Bury the Lede, is available from Finishing Line Press and at Amazon.com. She has been nominated for The Pushcart and also for The Best of the Net. For more work, please visit www.maggieblakebailey.com

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