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My mistress sings the triumph of the Maid

My mistress sings the triumph of the Maid

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[The Book of Deeds of Arms and of Chivalry manuscript of Christine de Pizan. BnF, fr. 1183, fol. NP]                                                                                  

                                                                                    The Song of Joan of Arc

1 ]        Je         Christine         

                                    enclosed because of treachery

                        I begin now     to laugh

2 ]        I will change    my language

                        from weeping               to singing

            I have well endured      my share

3 ]                    The sun brings back    the good new

            season              I no longer grieve       

                        I see                 what I desire

4 ]        dry land           green

5 ]        The cast out child        who suffered

                        rose     as a crowned    king

                                                wearing            spurs of gold

6 ]        Let us celebrate

                        let us all go       great & small—

            may no one hold back             praising           

7 ]        I won't omit     anything

8 ]                    May it be of value        to those

            Fortune has beaten down

9 ]        Fortune is always changing     

                        in whom hope             lives on

10 ]      Who has seen  

                        something extraordinary          changed          

            from evil          to great good

11 ]                  & truly            through such a miracle

            no one would believe it—     

12 ]      Divine proof    never erred      in faith

13 ]                  You who waged a great war    

            see how            your renown is exalted

14 ]      Your country   you were losing            you have

                        recovered it—

21 ]                  And you           blessed Maid

            you      undid the rope

61 ]      This poem was finished by Christine in the above-mentioned year 1429, on the

day that ends July. But I understand that some people will not be satisfied with its

contents, for if one's head is lowered and one's eyes are heavy one cannot look at the



            Here ends a most beautiful poem written by Christine.


“The Tale of Joan of Arc" translated by Renate Blumenfeld-Kosinski. The Selected Writings of Christine de Pizan: Norton Critical Edition, ed. Renate Blumenfeld-Kosinski and Kevin Brownlee (New York: Norton, 1997). 

Marci Vogel is the author of At the Border of Wilshire & Nobody, winner of the inaugural Howling Bird Press Poetry Prize, and Death and Other Holidays, winner of the inaugural Miami Book Fair/de Groot Prize for the Novella. Her poetry, prose, translations, and cross-genre inventions appear in Jacket2, VIDA, Seneca Review and FIELD. She currently teaches poetry and translation at the University of Southern California.


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