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My Dharma

It’s possible to go wild again, says the woman sitting next to me

over breakfast this January morning at the monastery.

There are neurons in our hearts and guts,

and we fail to heed them because we’ve filled our minds

with language.


I’ve just met this woman

sitting here at this table by the ox-herding pictures.

She tells me she’s a farmer and that she speaks to the earth.

Getting messy is my dharma. The soil is alive

and it wants us to listen.


I live in the city where, I confess, my fingers never touch the soil.

I have to seek the wilderness inside, among

our cups and bowls and my children’s many

miniature cars and trucks. My dharma is simple.

I wake in the dark to write poems by hand, and the words

rise up from inside of me, unbidden.

They want me to listen.

Rachael Lynn Nevins is a Brooklyn-based freelance writer whose poetry, essays, and book reviews have appeared in Rattle, Brooklyn Poets Anthology, Literary Mama, Hazlitt, Publishers Weekly, and elsewhere. She teaches Online Advanced Poetry for The Writers Studio.


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