All in Catherine Maryse Anderson

by Catherine Maryse Anderson

My son was proud of his performance

on stage, or so I thought by his

posture and grin.

His drum solo was intoxicating, 

his smile like maple syrup on

pancakes, overflowing.

Did you notice that all the Black 

kids were in the back? And you know

it’s not because we're not as good.

You know that, right? he said, the 

syrup falling off the fork, onto his lap.

The music he played turning to static.


Catherine Maryse Anderson is a poet, essayist, photographer, anti-racist ally, educator and director and curator of the performing arts in Portland, Maine. Her first manuscript Black Enough, which she began at her stay at the Martha’s Vineyard Writers Residency in April, 2014 was recently completed. She blogs and shares her poems and photography at